Wandering Arts Biennial 2018


Vidéocartographies: Aïda,Palestine

Till Roeskens

At Argos – Centre for Art and Media

Marks form readable maps depicting communities, ways of living and surviving of the refugees camp.

Thur–Sun - 11:00–18:00
Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier | B - 1000 Brussels


WAB presentations at Iselp

Round table conversation

Waterloolaan 31 Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Brussels


WAB presentations at Iselp

Davide Tidoni

Waterloolaan 31 Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Brussels


Performance at Rectangle

Coraline Guilbeau

Opening 22/11/2018 18:00-22:00

Fri-Sun 13:00-18:00
Schippersstraat 4, 1080 Brussels at Sagacity

22/11 - 09/12 2018

Strolling Around

with Jef Cornelis, Jacques Lizène, Lukas Marxt, Vincent Meessen, Messieurs Delmotte, Ria Pacquée, Shelly Silver, Angel Vergara

At Argos – Centre for Art and Media

A selection of films that explores the act ofwalking as an artistic practice.

Thur–Sun - 11:00–18:00
Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier, 1000 Brussels


WAB presentations at Iselp

Various Artists

Waterloolaan 31 Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Brussels



With Till Roeskens and Mathilde Spini

lecture performance at Argos – Centre for Art and Media

« En pâturant »... c’est ainsi que commencent bon nombre de contes d’aventures du répertoire chanté traditionnel. La « pastura » dont il sera ici question, est un territoire aux limites floues et sans cesse repoussées que nous avons exploré pendant près d’un an avec un troupeau de chèvres du côté de Marseille. Comme nous ne travaillions pas ensemble mais en alternance, nous passions une partie du temps quotidien de garde à nous écrire des lettres, échangeant nos observations, nos pensées, nos lectures, nos rêves, dessinant de petites cartographies, constituant un journal partagé de cette lente traversée des saisons et des lieux. Cette soirée sera une première tentative, fragile et aventureuse, d’en partager publiquement quelques fragments.

Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier, 1000 Brussels

15/11/2018 - 31/03/2019

A short history of Brussels’ parks


Tue –Sun 10:30-18:00
Kluisstraat 55 Rue de l’Ermitage – Ixelles 1050 Elsene

This exhibition will retrace the fascinating history of Brussels’ parks. Featuring hitherto undisplayed and rare documents, it will take the shape of a large illustrated timeline, spanning from the end of the XVIIIth century right up to the present time. The visitors will discover the evolution of landscape styles and typologies, the underlying question always being – is there a specific Brussels’ landscape architectural language? Comparing the Belgian examples with parks in other great capitals (London, Paris, Barcelona...), the exhibition will allow a completely new understanding of these works in the European context, thereby not only revealing the pivotal moments in their history, but also the true originality of certain creations. And some of these creations, inexplicably, have remained largely unknown up until now.


WAB presentations at Iselp

Els Opsomer

Waterloolaan 31 Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000 Brussels


Thomas Bernardet & Florent Mulot

Walker films at Argos – Centre for Art and Media

Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier, 1000 Brussels

A series of video essays based on improvised shots that document contemporary architectures.

20/10 - 18/11 2018

The Chinese Restaurants I, II and III

with Vincen Beeckman

at ETE 78

Opening 20/10/2018 16:00-20:00

Open on 27/10, 10/11, 17/11 14:00-18:00
Zomerstraat 82 rue de l’Eté, 1050 Brussels
The Chinese Restaurants is a long term projectstarted by Vincen Beeckman in 2011 in a Chinese restaurant in Dudelange, Luxembourg.
Applying a predefined strategy, the artist experimented a world with his own codes, traditions, origins. Thanks to his pictures mixed with souvenirs from the restaurant’s owners, objects, sounds, postal cards, menus and with empathy and humour, Vincen Beeckman reveals something important about this family, their work, the Chinese emigration, leaving his country, working abroad...
Eté 78 was inaugurated in February 2014 with the presentation of this project. In October 2018, Eté 78 welcomes the following of the project with two new Chinese restaurants, one Rio de Janeiro and one in Teheran.

11/10 - 18/11 2018

Straight Ahead

with Claude Cattelain


Thur-Sat 14:00-18:00
Kartuizersstraat 26-28 Rue des Chartreux 1000, Brussels
Claude Cattelain proposes 3 immersive installations that reflect issues of tension and stability.

10/10 - 04/11 2018


with e.a.st. (Ephemeral Archival Station) with Euridice Kala, Marie Voignier, Mbali Dhlamini, Teo Betin, Steeve Bauras & Quentin Mornay (e.a.)

expo at Island

Wed-Sat 11am - 6pm
Generaal Lemanstraat 69 rue Général Leman, 1040 Brussels
More infos here and here

e.a.st. laboratory is a sharing platform for artist(s) / researcher(s) addressing concepts involved in the process, the development, as well as in the modes of expression for artistic research. e.a.st. is also questioning how to transcend the traditional spaces of art distribution (museum, gallery, specialized publication, etc.) in order to translate artistic research methodologies within diverse platforms.
e.a.st. (Ephemeral Archival Station) encompasses several artistic researches with the aim of linking ideas across different spaces and production’s modes. The objective is not only to produce forms but as well to develop a methodology and a grammar specific to artistic research.
New theoretical knowledge and content emerge from those labs. e.a.st bases its foundation on the abstraction of structural ideas –by making the perceptions of the of art world, theory and everyday life, obsolete.

23/09 – 23/12 2018

The Measure of Disorder

with Teresa Cos, at Argos – Centre for Art and Media

Voor haar nieuwe tweekanaalsvideo en geluidsinstallatie volgde Teresa Cos (° 1982 Italië, leeft en werkt in Brussel en Londen) losweg de stappen van de 19de eeuwse Oostenrijkse wetenschapper Ludwig Boltzmann. Die is even zeer bekend voor zijn grensverleggende bevindingen rond het verschijnsel entropie alsook voor zijn schrijnende zelfmoord in het dorpje Duino, niet ver van de Adriatische kunst van Trieste – een regio waar ook Cos opgroeide.
In de tentoonstelling reconstrueert de kunstenaar Boltzmanns laatste reis van Wenen naar de ‘Oostenrijkse Riviera’ op een non-lineaire manier. Haar beelden pint ze op een bezwerende soundtrack incluis digitaal verwrongen stemmen. Terwijl ze met de conventies van de cinema speelt, vermengt ze persoonlijke anekdotiek met ‘grote’ socio-politieke maatschappelijke bewegingen. The Measure of Disorder zet zodoende een reflectie op over de menselijke perceptie van het concept tijd en de (on)omkeerbaarheid van de dingen die gebeuren.
Het werk van Teresa Cos - stilstaande en bewegende beelden, geluid en muziek - onderzoekt de menselijke conditie als een eindeloze onderhandeling tussen individuele subjectiviteiten en mondiale samenlevingen.

Opening 22/09/2018 - 18:00 - 21:00

Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier, 1000 Brussels

21/06 - 04/07 2018


At nodine, Lakensestraat 105 Rue de Laeken, 1000 Brussels

with Dimitri Broquard, Hendrik Hegray, Yohanna My, Antoine Orand, Alizée Quitman.

Opening 21/06/2018 - 18:00

“The fourth landscape opens.
Three characters get out of Earth.
One is a glass of water, the other
carries a cross. They yell, together:
'From what we know to somewhat
we ignore. Very easy. Obvious.
Small Requirements.'
But it remains scary.”

In the context of WAB, the Podium residency at nadine will begin with an exhibition starting on 21 June, based on the “4th World” concept by trumpet player Jon Hassell.

15/06 - 04/07 2018

Revisiting Heritage: Notes from Brussels

At LUCA School of Arts (Brussels)

In collaboration with Arton Foundation (Warsaw) and supported by Creative Europe.

With Axel De Marteau, Judith Desmyttere, Aline Kraus & Lynn Sinnesael, Hana Miletić, Jonas Minnaert, Pati Petrykowska, Mira Sanders, Matthijs van der Burgt, Ugo Woatzli, Raf Wollaert

Mon-Fri 13:00-18:00 (during Graduation Show - 27/06 - 01/07 2018)
Terrarium/LUCA School of Arts Brussels
Paleizenstraat 70, 1030 Brussels

On April 3, 2018 Arton Foundation (Warsaw), in collaboration with LUCA School of Arts (Brussels), KUMU Art Museum of Estonia (Tallinn) and Office for Photography (Zagreb), launched the online repository of European avant-garde art: www.forgottenheritage.eu, supported by Creative Europe.

The exhibition “Revisiting Heritage: Notes from Brussels” shows the response to this body of work by researchers and students from LUCA School of Arts, who were invited to explore the repository and make a proposition for a reaction/re-enactment/remake/... to/of a specific part of the presented collection.

01/07/2018 - 16:00

État des Lieux, part 2 @ Friche Josaphat (Jardin Latinis)

Avenue Gustave Latinislaan 152, 1030 Schaarbeek

On Sunday 1 July we close this second public WAB weekend with performances and presentations at the Friche Josaphat (Jardin Latinis) from 16:00 onwards.

With Christian Hansen, Isabel Burr Raty, Davide Tidoni, Clément Thiry, Bxl Wildlife...

30/06/2018 - 18:00

Preview of 2nd WABook at dinA

Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf, 1000 Brussels

2nd WABook contributions by Mira Sanders, Mathieu Léger, Contre-Poisse, Helena Dietrich, bxl.wildlife, Steven Jouwersma, Oracle, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, hans Andreas R., Bruno De Wachter, Wænd, and Various Artists.

Blessings of the book by Oracle.

29/06/2018 - 14:00-18:00

État des Lieux, part 1 @ CIVA

Rue de L’Ermitage 55 Kluisstraat, 1050 Ixelles

On Friday 29 June a number of participating artists of WAB 2018 give an 'État de Lieu' of their ongoing researches and projects related to 'wandering arts'.

Estimated schedule of the afternoon:
14:00 Till Roeskens
14:30 Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir & Mira Sanders
15:00 Kasper Demeulemeester
15:30 Wænd
16:00 Oracle
16:40 Francesca Chiacchio
17:00 Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost
17:30 Clément Thiry, Chloé Schuiten, Jeanne Pruvot Simonneaux, Antoine Boute
18:10 TAFEL

03/06/2018 - 00:00

Dark Corner walks

Clément Thiry

place to be confirmed after reservation via loes@nadine.be (max 5 participants)

Since two years Clément Thiry wanders in the city by night. He collects underlit spaces and places them on a map. They are forgotten spaces, small corners where rubbish gathers.

This is where the urban entropy settles. This is where you go to get off the grid.

The walks are invitations to contemplate and listen, following a meander on the map. These meditative promenades are punctuated by text readings and lullabies that are like hints to a fragmented fiction enhancing the hypnotic quality of the city at night.

01/06/2018 - 18:00-22:00

WAB residency public presentation

Clément Thiry & Chloé Schuiten

Chloé and Clément experiment with new and alternative lifestyles, to extract themselves from the world and rethink it while sleeping on it.

They met in February 2015 at an experimental carnival. Since then they have been meeting on a regular basis to fulfil their need for life experiences. They turn everything upside down in order to set themselves apart from everyday life and observe society from a distance. They tackle the three most fundamental aspects of everyday life : to eat, sleep and work. Their dynamic allows them to rapidly project themselves into delirious fictions and to fully realize them.

“In September of 2017 we created a new outdoors experience. We needed to disappear for good from the human mess while still being at the centre of it. We wanted to vanish, do nothing, to be thoroughly passive. So we dug a hole on a roundabout and we went in hiding for a week without food, doing nothing except draw our dreams on empty water bottles.

Then in March of 2018 we built a suspended nest made of old duvet sewn together and we settled in. We made it our offices for a week and covered the inside with erotic and wet paintings.

In parallel to these experimentation capsules we have designed performative installations, lectures, shows and workshops to showcase our work. We had the opportunity to do so in various locations such as Le Point Ephemère, la librairie de Balzac à Rodin, le 100 in Paris as well as Saint-Luc and l'ERG in Brussels.”


30/05/2018 - 15:00

Crystelling on Buratinas

bolwerK & 209.dk

Start at BRYC (Vilvoordsesteenweg 1 Chaussée de Vilvorde, 1020 Brussels)

This project is supported by Q-O2, Constant vzw, w-o-l-k-e, bolwerK

More info: nadine.be , ooooo.be

21/05/2018 - 22:30-00:30

Exagerated footsteps

Sound walk Davide Tidoni

outdoor location (meeting point Rue des Tanneurs 170 Huidevetterstraat, 1000 Brussels)

Exaggerated Footsteps is a sound walk performed at night. Participants are provided with a pair of metal plates to fix under their shoes. The plates are used during the walk as instruments that activate the acoustics of the encountered locations. After a first introduction to the project and the preparation of the shoes, the group will be led in a walk through the city.
Important: no fancy shoes, only robust shoes with eyelets.

Davide Tidoni website

20/05/2018 - 21:30-23:30

All bodies end in silence

Live performance Davide Tidoni

Davide will present a series of performances from his recent production. Through the staging of specific actions, Davide's performances function as metaphors that illustrate issues concerning physical presence, loss, distance, and the understanding of one's own limitations. Sound is used as an experiential/conceptual backdrop for exploring individual/collective agency and attentive listening.

Outdoor location.
Meeting point: 21:30, just outside Simonis metro station exit (if you face the Basililque, the exit is the one on the right side)
Instructions: we will reach the location of the performance by bus; at the end of the performances there is the possibility to join for a walk with Clement Thiry.
Those who are not staying for Clement's walk can return to Simonis before the last metro ride.

last buses line 87 to simonis are at: 23:31, 23:46, 00:01, 00:17
last ride line 6 to elisabeth is at 00:41
last ride line 6 to roi baudouin is at 00:17

Davide Tidoni website

17/05/2018 - 20:00-21:30

All bodies end in silence

Screening Davide Tidoni

nadine/dinA - Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf, 1000 Brussels

This screening will feature Davide's most recent video works. The videos consist in a series of actions performed with a microphone. The actions are set up specifically for the camera and represent Davide's research on the microphone as performative instrument. The actions function as metaphors that illustrate issues concerning physical presence, loss, distance, and the understanding of one's own limitations. The microphone is treated as a human body exposed to unexpected situations.

This project is supported by Overtoon.

25/03/2018 - 13:00 - 18:00

WAB meeting #1 : Wandering along (a) limit(s)

13:00 > opening exhibition
14:00-18:00 > start presentations & interventions
with Various Artists, TAFEL, Steven Jouwersma, Shervin Kianersi Haghighi, Jesse Cremers, Waend, Studio Anatomy – AOB (Faculty of Architecture KU Leuven), Mira Sanders & Maud Salembier (curators WAB 2018), Clément Thiry & Chloé Schuiten, Marialena Marouda, Davide Tidoni, Isabel Burr Raty, Bruno De Wachter, Oracle, Francesca Chiacchio, Wænd, and Kasper Demeulemeester iMal, Koolmijnenkaai 30 Quai des Charbonnages, 1080 Brussels

23/03/2018 - 18:00

opening of "Dog House City"

an exhibition by Christian Hansen
nadine/dinA, Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf, 1000 Brussels