Wandering Arts Biennial


Wandering Arts Biennial is a research and production biennial, focused on mobility, territories, and nomadic practices of artists in the their broadest meanings.

Each WAB edition introduces artistic researches and projects.

The following year is dedicated to post-production and the making of a publication, that compiles the actual state of (ongoing) WAB researches.


  • • 9th September 2016 : Launch 1st Wandering Arts Book + exhibition by Maud Salembier --> infos
  • • 10th to 11th September 2016 : Circling Around (Without Taking Off) (by Bruno De Wachter) at Still Walking Festival
  • • 22th to 25th September 2016 : Saudade de Europa (by Various Artists) at Pixelache Festival
  • • now - later : Buratinas Captains is open for participation, contact us for more infos


  • • 4th to 6th October 2016 : Workshop Wild Cartography @iMal.
    Making -wild- online maps with the tool Wænd. This workshop is for WAB participants, and open to the public on reservation. Please bring your mapping project and computer, and confirm your participation as soon as possible (limited places).
  • • 7th October 2016 : Workshop Mobile Methods/Technologies @iMal. Exchange of ideas, methods, materials, etc. The idea here is to share your practices, tools, use of devices, working methods, etc when you are ‘wandering’ (whether physical or mental). Open for WAB participants.


  • • Hans Andreas R. Van Wambeke
  • • Various Artists
  • • Pacôme Béru
  • • Frédéric Becker
  • • Sophie Boiron
  • • Caroline Daish
  • • Helena Dietrich
  • • Filip Van Dingenen
  • • Grégory Edelein
  • • Alberto Garcia del Castillo
  • • Pierre Huyghebaert
  • • Steven Jouwersma
  • • Mathieu Léger
  • • Steev Lemercier
  • • Pierre Marchand
  • • Antoine Meyer
  • • Silvia Pereira
  • • Bruno De Wachter



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